Diaverum, a leading global renal care service provider, announces today the opening of 8 new clinics in Valencia, reflecting a significant growth journey in Spain that stems from superior medical outcomes, high quality of care and close cooperation with healthcare authorities and public hospitals.

All the new Valencian clinics, built over the last six months, were inaugurated on the same day, on 17 February 2021. With these latest additions to its portfolio, Diaverum is now the market leader in private renal care provision in the region, operating a total of 20 clinics and treating approximately 1,750 patients. Throughout Spain, the company now operates 47 clinics serving over 4,300 patients, becoming the largest independent private renal care provider in Spain by number of patients – according to the Spanish Nephrology Society, there were approximately 26,000 dialysis patients in the country in 2019.

José Maria Ordoñez, Country Manager for Diaverum Spain, said: “The impressive growth of Diaverum in Spain has only been possible with the consistent delivery of best in class life enhancing renal care to our patients, which has been recognized by the Spanish health authorities and has given us a strong competitive advantage in the tender processes we have participated over the last 5 years.”

Shaira Martínez, Country Medical Director for Diaverum Spain, commented: “The opening of 8 new clinics is a great opportunity to highlight how the high quality of the care we provide is leading to growth opportunities for the company. Our internal clinical performance metrics show a considerable improvement in the medical outcomes for our patients after we are awarded contracts and start treating them”.

Dialysis markets are usually organised as either license or tender markets. In Spain, public health authorities commission and oversee competitive tender processes and award contracts to private dialysis providers, typically for a period 5 years.

In 2016, the regional Valencian healthcare authority launched a tender process for all the haemodialysis centres throughout the community, totalling 26 clinics and 2,080 patients. At that time, Diaverum had 728 patients and 8 of its clinics in the region. Five years later, the company has added 12 new clinics and 1.000 patients to its portfolio.

Teresa Martínez, Operations Manager for Diaverum Spain, said: “It is a proud moment for the company and our teams in Spain. Our successful participation in the tender process that started in 2016 is now positioning us as the leading independent renal care provider in the country and a partner of choice that the Spanish health authorities can trust, opening doors for further growth of Diaverum Spain across regions we have not yet arrived and allowing us to benefit more patients with our renal care services.”