In Spain, the origin of Diaverum takes place in Torremolinos, where the group's first dialysis clinic was established in the country. It was created mainly for foreign patients who came to the Costa del Sol for vacations.

In 2007, the Bridgepoint Investment Fund acquired Gambro Healthcare with a vision to help healthcare systems around the world provide universal access to high-quality kidney care and life-enhancing kidney care for patients around the world.

Together with the new vision, the name Diaverum was adopted and launched worldwide.

Important milestones in our history

Below are important milestones and events of Diaverum’s Spain history of growth.


The company has 6 clinics in Spain, located in Huelva, Jaén, Seville, Malaga and Granada.


The company enters in two new regions: Valencia and Catalonia, with the acquisition of four clinics.


The growth strategy in the country continues with the acquisition of 6 clinics in Castellón and Barcelona. The company currently has 16 clinics.


A new region is incorporated into the group, with the acquisition of a clinic in Galicia. Also this year, one more clinic opens in Huelva.


Bridgepoint acquires Gambro Healthcare from EQT and Investor AB, and subsequently changes the company name to Diaverum.


Diaverum incorporates the clinic that will make the 200th of the Group, with the acquisition of the Instituto Médico Badalona in Barcelona.


This year, Diaverum is granted the public tender for dialysis services for the next 10 years in Malaga and Huelva, which allows the company to open the new clinic in Malaga city, with a vascular access unit in the facilities, and consolidating its presence in both regions.


Two new regions are incorporated into Diaverum Spain through the award of two new public tenders: Murcia with the opening of the clinic in Caravaca, and the one in Balearic Islands, with the opening of a clinic in Palma city and another in the town of Inca. The Balearic Islands are a typical holiday destination for European tourists.


Diaverum is one of the main winners of the public tender published by the Health Authorities of Valencia, where 12 of the 16 lots are awarded to the company. This allows Diaverum to maintain the existing clinics in Valencia and Castellón, and enter Alicante with four new clinics.

In the meantime, Madrid clinic in the capital of the country, is opened.


6 new clinics are incorporated into the company in the Valencia region, thanks to the award of a new public tender for dialysis services in the region, in which Diaverum obtains the four tendered lots. The company currently has 47 clinics in Spain where about 4,300 patients are treated by near 1,100 professionals.