To guarantee the quality of the service provided in our dialysis clinics, both in patient assistance and care, as well as in their facilities, Diaverum has designed, implemented and certified in all its clinics an integrated management system, based on key indicators of improvement.

The scope of the Integrated Management System implemented is based on UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015, and applies to all processes related to hemodialysis treatment, both healthcare and non-healthcare.

The implanted system includes the following areas:

  • Patient care and welcoming.
  • Nursing area
  • Medical area.
  • Technical area: water plant maintenance, equipment and infrastructures.
  • Administrative area.
  • Compliance with requirements and applicable regulations.

Diaverum has a system of medical quality indicators associated with an evaluation of the patient's quality of life and perception of care.

In addition, every year Internal Audits of Clinical Practice are carried out in 100% of the clinics, in order to evaluate the clinical practice and operations at the clinic.

Additionally, as part of the Quality Plan, Diaverum Spain has specific accreditations and external recognitions in addition to the ISO certificates:

  • Quality Accreditation granted by ACSA (Andalusian Healthcare Quality Agency) which represents public recognition of the quality of the services provided by professionals and organizations in the health and social sector.
  • QH Accreditation granted by IDIS (Development Institute for Health Integration) in collaboration with the Spanish Society for Healthcare Quality (SECA) and the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC), which recognizes Excellence in Healthcare Quality.

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